K12 Cyber Awareness Month – Week #2 – Cyber Scams and Phishing (Transcript)

The K-12 Cyber Awareness Month campaign logo for 2022 appears.

The logo is inspired by a comic book design with lively colours, yellow, blue, pink, green and white. The black text “2022 K-12 CYBER AWARENESS MONTH” appears just below the centre and slightly to the left of the screen. The white text “BE A CYBERHERO!” appears at the centre of the screen and the white text “October 2022” appears at the bottom of the screen at the same time, followed by white stars and yellow lightning images surrounding the texts.

A different comic book background appears with the lively colours of purple, turquoise, yellow, green, red, orange, and blue. The white text “Week 2: Cyber Scams and Phishing” appears in the centre.

On the same background the previous text is replaced with “Starring: William

Scene – William is playing a computer game seated at their desk in their bedroom. Also shown is a bed, a wheelchair, a window with curtains open and a superhero cape hanging on the wall. Sounds of a video game is playing in the background. An email notification comes through. William sees a new email in their inbox with the subject “You won a scholarship”.

<Narration> Cool, an email from principal Vernon saying I have won a scholarship (William proceeds to click on the message to open the email)

<Narration> Hi William@schooldomain.com, I wanted to write to you to let you know you have won a $10,000 scholarship. Please fill out the following form. You will need a credit card as this requires a $100 deposit to secure your money. Congratulations, Richard Vernon, Principal.

Scene – The image of William in their bedroom reappears and William is getting excited at the email but as William looks more closely at the email their body language changes as they start to see issues with the email.

<Narration> Hold-on one second. I am starting to see some strange things in this email

Scene – An image of the email reappears.

<Narration> Mr. Vernon used an external email address to send this. They always use the school’s email domain when communicating with me.

Scene – Screen shows close up of email’s to: from: and subject highlighting the strange domain in the email address. Screen then shows the Dear william@schooldomain.com salutation

<Narration> And why would they address me as my email address rather than my name? That is strange.

Scene – image reverts back to William in his bedroom

<Narration> I am starting to think that this email isn’t really from my Principal. Let me hover over this link to see the URL

Scene – image of the email and a cursor hovering over the ‘Form’ link appears).

<Narration> Yeah, just as I had suspected, this URL doesn’t look like a legitimate link that I want to click on without talking to the Principal to see if this is real. Also, why would I have to put a deposit down to get money.

Scene – image reverts back to William in front of the computer.

<Narration> I better email them using the school’s email address rather than this one they have not emailed me with before.

Scene – The image of the comic book with lively colours reappears with William in a wheelchair dressed in a blue superhero uniform and wearing a red cape.

<Narration> By checking some key parts of an email message and reporting phishing to the school, William has become a cyberhero! By remembering the following you can also be a cyberhero. Tip 1: Always check the from address. Tip 2: Be suspicious of messages containing links. Tip 3: Watch for anything else that looks odd. Tip 4: Never be afraid to ask an adult to take a second look

Scene – Image of William waving in a superhero costume appears followed by the K12 Cyber Awareness Month 2022 logo.

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