Social Media Kindness Day

Social Media Kindness Day

November 9, 2023

Social media is increasingly playing a large part in our daily lives. We're the first generation of social media users - essentially we're guinea pigs! We need to make it a kinder place as opposed for it to be somewhere anger and hate breeds. Everytime we use social media, we leave an imprint. Social Media Kindness Day is encouraging for all those imprints to be kind!

Most people would never make the nasty remarks they do on social media to a person's face. This is because they would be able to see the hurt and upset caused by those words. On social media, the ability to see that reaction is taken away. You never know how someone would react to the nasty messages they receive on social media.

It is for this reason that Social Media Kindness Day was created. It is also in memory of the late TV presenter Caroline Flack, being held on what would have been her birthday - 9th November. It is through her message of being kind that this day is connected to her. We are wanting it to be a movement, not just for a day but for generations to come - where unkindness isn't tolerated. Social media should be a place where people can socialise, network, do business and live 'their best life' without fear of negativity.


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