The Foundation is in Place.

ECNO has forged a dynamic Public and Private Sector Partnership and has established innovative strategies upon which School Boards can build Information Technology services which are both responsive and accountable. Membership in ECNO offers to School Boards, unique opportunities for redirecting resources to the classroom, setting new standards for excellence in education, and taking advantage of all that technology has to offer. ECNO can simplify the process of managing and delivering information and information technologies to both the Board Office and the Classroom. ECNO works to:

  • Provide solutions for integrating new technologies, such as the Internet and Web-enabled components, into the administrative and teaching process based on a choice of data management environments.
  • Provide a comprehensive, cost-effective suite of School Board Administrative software applications, backed by a responsive, single-source support organization for training, implementation, help-desk and software maintenance services.
  • Provide a unified voice for issues related to technology in education.
  • Provide School Boards with lower costs for products, services and maintenance.

ECNO is a tried-and-true partnership of educators, administrators and private Information Technology resources. ECNO’s commitment to the ideals of co-operative enterprise, to enabling equitable access to products and services for all Board members, to developing and delivering systems and standards which are responsive to the needs of education professionals, and to maintaining the economic viability of its programs, will ensure that the co-operative will flourish and continue to grow. The continued success of the ECNO program, with its strong member support, will ensure that ECNO can continue to provide the IT voice for education in Ontario.

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